We start with your need for business understanding of your ‘customer experience’ and end in delivering the insights needed to achieve your desired impacts.

Through our Discovery process we start at the end; the outcomes and results you’re seeking, and then we bring it forward to fully understand the requirements of your business, people and the processes you currently have in place; with the changes being envisioned.

At the same time, we consider the sources of multi-dimensional (financial, operational, etc.) Business Performance Indicators or BPI data.

Unique to Ability’s process, we also deploy our Dynamic Polling Engine to capture and quantify both employee insights and customer perceptions. We call these Customer Perception Indicators – CPI data, and we combine those with Business Performance Indicators – BPI’s, to provide significant insights to Business Leaders who can take actions necessary to improve both your customer experience and employee productivity.

Since our software is “always on” monitoring BPIs and collecting CPIs, Ability provides continual performance management of the most important issues through WhyData Business Intelligence Dashboards and Scorecards.

Ability’s role-based information is delivered in a personalized manner, directly empowering individuals with corresponding performance measures that help to unite accountability and action through visualization.

The patented Ability Service Delivery Analytics software correlates and optimizes BPI and CPI data in order to highlight and quantify the following:

  • Customer and Employee perceptions
  • Ranks, scores, and predicts service value
  • Prioritize financially critical “must do” actions
  • Continually learn, measure, analyze and monitor

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