The value of the human contribution is largely unmeasured

The promise of Big Data & Analytics is that it can help companies see the un-see-able or to visualize the hidden insights that are buried within their organization’s silos. However, as the saying goes, “if it were that easy, everyone would be doing it.”

Services are intangible, hard to measure, and even harder to quantify. For example, how do you know WHY:

  • a particular customer loyalty initiative succeeds or fails?
  • an associate perceives the service they delivered far differently than the customer?
  • when there is networking issues, the customer experience is degraded?

Ability 2.0’s approach to understanding and quantifying the financial value within services hinges on one of the most important and often overlooked assets: PEOPLE. And the value of the human contribution is largely unmeasured; until now!

Ability 2.0 is a cloud based, software solution that measures customer and employee service delivery perception(s); analyzes, scores and ranks key business performance indicators, and enables decision makers to properly allocate financial and operational resources to improve financial outcomes.