Financial Services, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Retail and other vertical industries strive to improve their ‘customer experience’. Ability does just that!

For industries where service is a large part of a company’s business, a great deal of associate on-boarding, training, and process improvement investments are made to ensure the company delivers the optimal service delivery experience to their customer. As a result, executives and key stakeholders expect a high level of satisfaction and loyalty from the customer to their people, brand and business.

Unfortunately, there are a number challenges a company has when striving to reach that expectation:

– there are break downs in the processes, policies and procedures the associate(s) follow, due to lack of training, monitoring, or simply associate dissatisfaction with their job.

– the customer’s expectation of the delivered service is not the same as the associates, communicated incorrectly, or is just not delivered as they understood.

Ability Service Delivery Analytics deliver:

  • An automated and scientific system to measure, analyze and monitor the quality of service delivery
  • A set of common service delivery measurements, i.e. Reliability, Responsiveness, Understanding, Expertise, and Quality, used to determine relationships to the policies, procedures and processes executed on.
  • Ability to pinpoint and uncover new service improvement opportunities, gaps and  capabilities
  • A financial correlation between service delivery, customer experience and profitability
  • Executive level reporting that allows for faster and more effective decisions

The result? Lower service delivery costs, increased customer retention and brand loyalty, improved associate satisfaction and greater profitability.